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Cheaper is not always better.

Whenever a person is looking for any service, one of the main criteria is the price. However, lower prices may not always guarantee the best works, especially for painting jobs that are often intricate. Hence, there are certain factors that you must consider before you hire a painting service in Dubai who is coming at a lower price than the established ones present in the market.

1. Experience of the Painters

In most cases, inexperienced painters will charge you less than professional ones. The reason behind this is to attract more customers. Therefore, you must take care and hire only experts when the job is large or complicated. A novice painter may not be qualified to perform such tricky work as they often lack the right skills, equipment, team, or insurance. However, an experienced painter may still mess up the project. Therefore before hiring any contractor, you must perform a background check and collect reviews from their old clients.

2. Inaccurate Insurance and No Warranty

You want the best service for your office or home when it comes to paying jobs. However, hiring a novice painter may cost you more than you expected, even though the initial hiring cost is meager. These painters often don't provide a warranty of their work and lack proper insurance coverage for you and your home or office when something goes wrong. This will ultimately lead to wastage of money and time. Hence, while hiring, you must always ask about insurance and demand proof with painting service in Dubai.

3. Wrong Estimates

Another major setback of hiring an inexperienced painter is inaccurate estimates. They often provide you with wrong information about possible expenditures and then charge you more when they have started working. Therefore you must be aware of the difference between a quote and an estimate of a project. Moreover, you must always hire a contractor who is transparent about their charges.

4. Low-quality products and paints

Compared to high-quality products, low-quality paints are made with lower quality material which will cause the paint to crack, or color fading on a rapid pace making your walls look ugly and cheap. Also using a higher quality roller will give your walls a smooth finish rather then a rough finish with cheap rollers. Most painters might fool you by using low-quality products and paints. For example, They might not put premier when required that can cause a problem down the line. So you must ensure that you have chosen high-quality products for achieving proper application and even coverage. Moreover, High-quality products are also durable. A common practice that unprofessional painting service companies in Dubai do is mix a high volume of water in the paint fooling customers. So you must ensure that you have chosen a professional paint service provider not only based on price alone but on quality as well. Bricksandpillars will always guarantee customer satisfaction.

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